Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Dependable diagnosis, meticulous treatment
The Department of Internal Medicine treats a wide range of internal medical conditions. In addition to a gastroenterology unit, at Bethel Hospital Berlin we perform the main types of non-invasive investigations in cardiology and pulmonary medicine.

With Hightech against Cancer

Using HDTV and NBI technology, endoscopy is carried out painlessly on about 1,600 occasions every year. Dangerous developments are identified in time and precancerous lesions directly removed. Furthermore, 64-slice computed tomography provides high-resolution images that can be evaluated around the clock. The Interdisciplinary Intestinal Centre at Bethel Hospital Berlin holds a weekly tumour conference at which expertise from the fields of internal medicine, surgery, radiology, pathology and oncology is combined.
Senior consultant Dr Norbert Bethge is the regional representative for Berlin of the Lebensblicke Foundation dedicated to the early diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Selected medical conditions and treatment

Colorectal cancer, small intestine cancer, polyps, reflux, peptic ulcer disease, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, polypectomy, biliary disorders, stomach diseases

Dr. med. Aviva Raatz, Head of Department

Dr. med. Aviva Raatz
Head of Department