General Surgery

General Surgery

Expertise, dexterity and empathy
Offering a wide range of surgery, the department has four highly advanced operating theatres where the latest surgical techniques are applied. What’s more, over 90 per cent of the biliary operations, appendectomies, colon resections and hernia operations at Bethel Hospital Berlin are carried out using minimally invasive surgery.

Experience in years – our key disciplines

Thyroid disease has been successfully treated at Bethel Hospital Berlin for decades. Regardless of whether diverse nodular goitres, Graves’ disease, recurrent goitre, malignant thyroid disease, very large goitres in elderly patients or rare thyroid inflammations, we work meticulously to remove diseased tissue without affecting the vocal cord nerves or parathyroid glands if at all possible while maximizing the preservation of healthy sections of the thyroid gland. Follow-up procedures are not usually required.
A significant part of our work comprises abdominal and visceral surgery. For example, we perform more colorectal cancer operations than anywhere else in south Berlin.
Bethel Hospital Berlin is the only hospital in Berlin to provide the virtually painless treatment of advanced haemorrhoids. The internationally acclaimed HAL/RAR method is employed, which doesn’t involve excision. Instead, the haemorrhoidal tissue is tied off or repositioned using ligators. Patients are back on their feet in just a few days and feel almost no discomfort.

Selected medical conditions

Colorectal cancer, small intestine cancer, appendicitis, haemorrhoids, gallstones, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, goitre, hernia

Norbert Schuster

Norbert Schuster
Head of Department

  • Specialist in visceral surgery, vascular surgery and general surgery
  • Senior physician from 1996 and chief consultant of the Department of Surgery at Vivantes Hospital in Neukölln, Berlin, from 2005
  • Senior consultant of the Department of General Surgery at Bethel Hospital Berlin from October 2007
  • Areas of specialization: oncological abdominal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, thyroid surgery, thoracic surgery
  • Lecturer at the University of Rostock, specialist examiner (Berlin Medical Association), examiner for the Third State Examination (State Examination Office)
  • Member of the Berlin/Brandenburg Surgical Society